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ADF embraces the religion custom essay writing service position paper writing service of all the Indo-European cultures, but each Grove usually specializes in a specific culture. Our Grove’s orientation is Pan-Celtic, meaning we embrace the Gods and beliefs of all the Celtic peoples (e.g. Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Gaul, Brittany, etc.).

We are polytheists, which means that we worship many Gods and Goddesses, who are not merely parts of some greater whole, but rather complete entities in themselves. We also worship the Nature Spirits of fur and feather, leaf and stone who inhabit the world as well as our Ancestors, be they our own forebearers, family of heart or the ancient peoples of this land.

Some of our Gods are:

BRIGIT (pronounced Breezh) – She is the Irish Goddess of inspiration, the forging fire and healing.

Gundestrup_CernunnosCERNUNNOS – He is a Gaulish God of the cull, male sexuality, is Lord of the Animals and keeper of the portals to the underworld. He leads the Wild Hunt at Samhain to collect the wandering souls of the dead to take to the Otherworld. He is depicted bearing antlers on His head (see photo to right).

RHIANNON – This Welsh Goddess (known as Macha in Ireland and Epona in Gaul) is a Goddess of motherhood, who when falsely accused of murdering her son Pryderi, patiently endured years of punishment until he was restored to her. She is also known as Rigatona, “Great Queen” and blackbirds and horses are sacred to Her.

DAGDA – This Irish God is a Father God and King of the Tuatha de Danaan, master of all trades and God of Wisdom. His Cauldron of Plenty would provide unending food, and his club could kill at one end and restore life at the other. A God of fertility and abundance, He is also famous for his outstanding sexual prowess.

MORRIGAN – This is the red-headed Irish Goddess of battle and procreation, death and life, whose other two aspects are Nemhain (Frenzy) and Badhbh (Raven). She combines the energies of life and death, and sexuality and conflict in one Diety. Though terrifying at times, She reveals that without death there can be no rebirth.

MANANNAN MAC LIR – Son of Lir, God of the sea, Manannan is able to shape-change and calm or whip up the seas. He is also a God of reincarnation and the Otherworld, and as such can open the Gates to the Otherworld for us in ritual. In Wales He may have been known as Manawydan fab Llyr.

TARANIS – This is the Gaulish God of the wheel, the seasons and the stars. He is also the God of thunder and lightning, bringer of storms, and the Oak tree is sacred to Him. A statue of him appears to the right.

Taranis_Jupiter_with_wheel_and_thunderbolt_Le_Chatelet_Gourzon_Haute_MarneLUGH – This is the Irish God of light, patron of the Lughnassadh festival, and known as Llew in Wales. His name means ‘Shining One’ and He owns an inescapable spear, a great sling, a helmet of invisibility and a wondrous shield. When He arrived at thegates of the Tuatha de Danaan, He proved that he was capable of all skills, and thus gained admittance, and later the Kingship. By killing Balor He freed Ireland of the giant and Fomor brought skill and order to the land.

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6:30 pm Weekly Grove Meeting @ Village Inn
Weekly Grove Meeting @ Village Inn
Jun 20 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Weekly Grove Meeting @ Village Inn | Tucson | Arizona | United States
Join us for food and chat regarding the weeks events and plans, oh and it is free pie night!
3:07 am NH-Summer Solstice
NH-Summer Solstice
Jun 21 @ 3:07 am – 3:07 am
Summer Solstice Midsummer”Litha”Alban Hefin, on the summer solstice Celebrated with the lighting of bonfires, feasting and merrymaking. Litha, is one of the eight solar holidays or sabbats of Neopaganism, especially Wicca, though the New Forest traditions (those referred to as British Traditional Wicca) tend to use the traditional name Midsummer. It is celebrated on the[...]
3:07 am SH-Winter Solstice
SH-Winter Solstice
Jun 21 @ 3:07 am – 3:07 am
Winter Solstice Midwinter”Yule”Alban Arthan, on the winter solstice known to have included the sacrifice of a pig for the god Freyr, a tradition which survives in the Scandinavian Christmas ham. Many of the symbols associated with the modern holiday of Christmas such as the burning of the Yule log, the eating of ham, the hanging[...]
8:00 am Rillito River Walk Clean-up 2 @ Rillito River Walk Loop
Rillito River Walk Clean-up 2 @ Rillito River Walk Loop
Jun 24 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Rillito River Walk Clean-up 2 @ Rillito River Walk Loop
SSG is responsible for a 1 mile stretch of the Rillito River Park. Join us in clean up duties and give a little more back to the nature we so depend on.